FIFA 23 Crossplay Reportedly Debuting in Next Game

Published: February 28, 2022 3:24 PM /


FIFA 23 Crossplay Two World Cups No Free-to-Play cover

A new report indicates that FIFA 23 crossplay will debut with the franchise's next major title and the game will feature both men's and women's World Cups -- but it won't be a free-to-play experience.

As literally anyone who follows soccer can tell you, the FIFA games are immensely popular. However, EA's stranglehold on the FIFA license has been increasingly uncertain; the FIFA organization announced that it was opening up licensing to more developers late last year. This was revealed shortly after EA indicated that it would change the name of its FIFA games due to its apparently tumultuous relationship with FIFA.

While the future of FIFA seems up in the air, a new report indicates that the next game might actually have some interesting improvements: apparently, FIFA 23 crossplay will debut when the next major game launches sometime later this year.

FIFA 23 Crossplay Two World Cups No Free-to-Play slice

What We Know About FIFA 23 Crossplay (and More)

According to Tom Henderson's exclusive at Xfire (via Reddit), FIFA 23 crossplay will debut with the franchise's next major title for all game modes. If this is true, it would be the first time that PC and console gamers can play together. PC, PlayStation, and Xbox would all essentially have access to the same game and matchmaking pool.

That's not all that was revealed in Henderson's report. According to him, FIFA 23 will feature both the men's and women's World Cups, owing to an expansion of EA's licensing partnership with leagues around the world as part of a mission to put together a single, unifying FIFA experience. Furthermore, this upcoming game is said to have several other general improvements including a "tenfold" enhancement of its Hypermotion motion capture technology.

One rumor, however, is apparently on much shakier ground. While there has been buzz of FIFA 23 going free-to-play, Henderson has heard nary a whisper on that front. It looks like the next FIFA game will be a premium experience as expected.

Henderson's report is certainly interesting, but there's nothing explicitly confirmed just yet; EA had not yet commented at the time of writing. Considering the billions that these games make both EA and FIFA, I imagine that we'll probably see FIFA 23 debut later this year despite the ongoing argument over licensing.

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