Fallout TV Show First Look Shows Off Vault Outfits, Brotherhood of Steel, and More

The first images of the upcoming Fallout TV show have been released, and it looks pretty faithful to the IP.

Published: November 28, 2023 10:31 AM /


A giant Vault Boy display made up of smaller squares in Fallout 4, intended to represent the first look at the Fallout TV show

The first set of screenshots from the upcoming Amazon Prime Fallout TV show have been released, and, well, it definitely looks like Fallout.

In a new Vanity Fair article, the publication shares shots of various elements of the TV show, including characters wearing Fallout's signature Vault-Tec uniforms, Brotherhood of Steel members, and a ghoul character.

The shots are interspersed with interviews with co-creator Jonathan Nolan (also known as Jonah Nolan) and Bethesda head Todd Howard.

Several members of the Brotherhood of Steel walking menacingly towards the camera in the Fallout TV show, courtesy of Vanity Fair
The Brotherhood of Steel looks suitably imposing in the Fallout TV show. Screenshot courtesy of Vanity Fair.

According to Howard, the show, which is set to premiere on April 12th, will feature Fallout's signature mix of "dramatic, and dark, and postapocalyptic" storytelling with "a little bit of a wink" of humor.

Howard also says he was drawn to work with Nolan when the latter suggested a completely new story in the Fallout universe for the show, rather than an adaptation of a pre-existing story.

According to Howard, a lot of Fallout TV pitches suggested adapting Fallout 3, but he says he was "interested in someone telling a unique Fallout story".

A close-up of Walton Goggins' character The Ghoul in the Fallout TV show, courtesy of Vanity Fair
Walton Goggins will play a character known as The Ghoul in the Fallout TV show. Screenshot courtesy of Vanity Fair.

The Fallout TV show will revolve around three principal characters. The first is Lucy, a young woman who has exited her vault in order to embark on "a rescue mission", according to the Vanity Fair interviews.

The second will be Brotherhood of Steel hopeful Maximus, who is a Squire within the organization. Through him, you'll learn all about the show's interpretation of the techno-fanatical Brotherhood.

Finally, the show's third main character will be Walton Goggins' The Ghoul, a mysterious bounty hunter who, according to Nolan, will be both "our guide and our protagonist" as well as "the antagonist". Mysterious.

If you're worried that the Fallout TV show will be too grim, Nolan says you needn't be; it's "a dark world in many ways", he says, but it was still important to "make sure that it was enjoyable to spend time in this universe".

Fallout is the latest in an increasingly long line of gaming properties to be made into TV shows.

Other adaptations include the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime, which caused sales of the game to spike on its release, as well as the hugely popular The Last of Us, which currently has a second season in the works.

Hopefully, the Fallout TV show will be more along the lines of these two shows and less like the rather divisive Halo show.

Stay tuned for more info on all things relating to the Fallout TV show, as well as all things Fallout in general.

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