New F1 Manager 2023 Video Shows Big Boosts To Realism On The Track

Published: July 12, 2023 10:23 AM /


A Formula One driver racing on the track with a big banner above them that reads F1 Manager 23

A new F1 Manager 2023 trailer has been released, showing how the dev team is working towards making the on-track action even more realistic than before. The new video is part of the Feature Focus series and is simply titled "Race Simulation", giving an impression of how mechanics have changed to increase realism during races.

When F1 Manager 2023 was announced, developer Frontier promised deeper management systems for the game, and the new Feature Focus video shows how this commitment to realism translates to the track. In the video, Frontier says that authenticity is at "the beating heart" of F1 Manager 2023, so the studio has taken "another step forward" in realism for this year's entry.

First up, drivers will now drive on different racing lines depending on how you've instructed them to drive, with more aggressive drivers taking riskier routes around curves, for instance. If you tell them to conserve their tyres, however, they'll take safer lines, but likely drive slower as a result.

Wheel-to-wheel battle frequency has been increased, and cars now have more opportunities to go head-to-head (or, uh, wheel-to-wheel) during races. Frontier is promising a "wider variety of incidents across every circuit", leading to a more combative and less passive F1 Manager experience.

Crashes are now more realistic and dynamic, and the ways in which drivers recover from those crashes will also be quicker and more seamless. A new "driver confidence" system dictates how your driver performs; when it's high, they may pull off more rewarding maneuvers, but when it's low, it's worth hanging back and not instructing them to do anything drastic.

Opponent AI has also been improved, with opponents taking more risks to overtake and dominate their rivals. However, this may also lead to AI opponents making mistakes, which your drivers will need to capitalize on if you're to win the day. In short, this year's installment is shaping up to be the most realistic F1 Manager 2023 experience yet.

F1 Manager 2023 launches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on July 31st.


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