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Explosive Roguelite Shooter HYPERGUN Hits PC August 23rd

August 1, 2018

By: Joseph Allen

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NVYVE Studios
NVYVE Studios
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August 23,2018 (Calendar)
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Roguelite FPS HYPERGUN will be released for PC on August 23rd.

The game is being developed by NVYVE Studios, who are also responsible for Early Access sci-fi horror title P.A.M.E.L.A. Unlike the latter, though, HYPERGUN is a fast-paced roguelite shooter with a cyber-neon '80s-inspired aesthetic.


To commemorate the release date announcement, NVYVE Studios released a new gameplay trailer for the title on their official YouTube account. You can check out the new trailer here:



HYPERGUN sees players take control of Dewey Owens, an intern at DevTech Labs. An advanced alien race has occupied Planet Earth, and the survival of humanity now depends on the highly classified HYPERGUN program, which aims to create the ultimate weapon by combining components of countless other weapons across countless simulations.

Owens sneaks into the DevTech Labs facility "over the weekend", and must battle his way through hordes of alien interlopers in a bid to save his world from destruction. Not much else is known about the story right now, but this doesn't seem like the sort of game to front-load its narrative.


In gameplay terms, the game is a procedurally-generated roguelite FPS in which no two runs are the same. The game offers over 150 different weapon modules to collect, each of which can be added to the titular HYPERGUN to create "a procedural weapon of questionable effectiveness". HYPERGUN also offers over 40 unique abilities for players to unlock, which take the form of simulation profiles for Dewey Owens' co-workers.

In between high-octane shooting sequences, players can also explore the DevTech offices as Owens, leaving "time to track down passive-aggressive post-it notes from coworkers". Sounds like this is a game with its tongue lodged firmly in its cheek. Fans of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will not be disappointed.

If all of this sounds like your bag, you can grab HYPERGUN on PC on August 23rd. A release for Xbox One and PS4 will follow sometime this fall.

Are you excited to blast aliens with ridiculous weapons in HYPERGUN? Let us know in the comments below!

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