Experience History When We. The Revolution Launches on Consoles This Summer

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Experience History When We. The Revolution Launches on Consoles This Summer

May 22, 2019

By: Austin Suther

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The powers of life and death are in your hands in We. The Revolution. Get ready to take part as the judge, jury, and execution during the French Revolution, because We. The Revolution arrives on consoles soon.

We. The Revolution originally released on PC last March, and its console debut will be on June 25th, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. One challenge We. The Revolution developers Polyslash faced was creating game mechanics and UI accessible for consoles. According to a press release, Klabater aims for an "intuitive interface" with the title's console ports.

In We. The Revolution, players take the role of Fidele, a judge during the French Revolution. The events of the game take a few liberties with history, but you'll recognize important historical figures such as King Louis XVI and Robespierre.

As Fidele, you must preside over cases and determine verdicts while balancing your reputation and a number of other factors in a turbulent political climate. Players also command troops in battle, manage a network of spies, and deliver powerful speeches to gain favor. One wrong move could mean Fidele's death. We. The Revolution is heavily narrative-based and requires attention to detail and planning if you wish to make it to the end.


Last March, TechRaptor published several features on We. The Revolution and reviewed it as well. The game is out on PC for Steam, GoG, and the Humble Store. It arrives on consoles on June 25th, 2019.

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Quick Take

We. The Revolution might be worth it for the wonderful art, but I found the gameplay to be lacking. I'm glad to see that it is getting continued support, however, because I know that the developers are passionate and quite talented. I'm interested to see how it translates over to consoles because the gameplay was made with PC in mind, I am sure of it.

Are you going to pick up We. The Revolution's console release? Let us know in the comments below!

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