Epic Games Store - Metro Exodus Sells More than Last Light During Debut

Gaming article by Robert Scarpinito on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 14:29
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During GDC, Epic Games announced some statistics about its digital storefront, the Epic Games Store. One of the biggest revolves around the Metro series. Famously, Metro Exodus jumped ship from Steam to Epic rather late in the process. This caused many headaches for those who already preordered the game.

Despite the controversy, it seems that moving Metro was the right decision. Metro Exodus sold 2.5 times more copies on the Epic Store than Metro: Last Light did on Steam during a similar time period. Epic stressed that they see this as a sign that audiences care more about picking great games and not a specific storefront.

Additionally, their first free game, Subnautica, reached 4.5 million downloads. The current free game, Slime Rancher, just hit the same number, but it has one more day left as the free game during this two-week session. Oxenfree will debut as the next free game on tomorrow, March 21st.

As far as AAA releases go, Metro isn't alone. Following the successful launch of The Division 2, Ubisoft has partnered with Epic to distribute more of their games in the future. In addition, games like Detroit: Become Human, The Outer Wilds, and The Sinking City have all decided to make Epic their home during their first year of release. Epic also announced a partnership with Humble Bundle to allow developers to sell their games outside of the main Epic storefront.

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