Elon Musk Tried To Get A Tesla Mario Kart Version For His Cars

Published: November 30, 2018 2:20 PM /


tesla mario kart

Elon Musk would have liked to have a Tesla Mario Kart version but he wasn't able to get it done, reports IGN Australia.

Mario Kart is a long-running racing franchise from Nintendo featuring characters from some of their most popular works. The Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, and countless other characters have featured in the games over the years. The series stretches back to its first iteration on the SNES.


Mr. Musk's electric car company has recently been working on adding games to the car's built-in computer. The project has begun with several classic Atari games including Missile CommandPole Position, and Tempest. The company had hoped to get a Tesla Mario Kart version running in their cars, but it seems that they just couldn't secure a licensing deal with Nintendo. It's not surprising that they wanted this particular game as many games in the series, including the latest are very good.


Raghava Madireddy asked Elon Musk on Twitter if they would be able to play Steam games on the car's computer. Mr. Musk replied that it would be a cool feature. The Tesla dashboard is basically a computer and they probably could make it work. The question of how controls for some of the more complex games would be handled is another matter.


A follow-up tweet from Twitter user Starman specifically mentioned a Tesla Mario Kart version. He had hoped for the option to be able to play against other Tesla drivers who happen to be charging their car at the time you're playing.


Unfortunately, Elon stated that Nintendo has refused to license the game to them. It's a darn shame - playing a Tesla Mario Kart adaptation would have been pretty cool. Heck, I bet they could have figured out how to let you make use of the actual steering wheel.


The electric car company is likely to continue moving forward with their plans to add more games into Tesla vehicles. We can't quite be sure what we'll get next, but we know for certain that it won't be Mario Kart.

What do you think of the possibility of a Tesla Mario Kart version? Do you think Nintendo should have licensed it to the car company? Let us know in the comments below!



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