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Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Falls on PlayStation 4 in April

January 25, 2019

By: Alex Santa Maria

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April 11,2019 (Calendar)
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It's time to rally the troops once again. While we just recently saw a new Earth Defense Force release on PlayStation 4, we'll see a different take on the franchise later this year. On April 11th, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain will hit PlayStation 4. With a new separatist faction to contend with and a new class of soldier, players will find plenty to do in this brand new installment.


In Iron Rain, it's been twelve years since the alien aggressors invaded Earth. The EDF is a more stalwart force, and they know what they're in for with each battle. They don't know of the Kindred Rebellion, a separatist force that positions themselves against the EDF. You can take on both aliens and separatists in both local and online co-op. If you're online, you can team up with six of your friends. Aside from the campaign, there's a new eight-player Mercenary mode that has you competing for something called Energy Gems.

Alongside the Trooper, Jet Lifter and Heavy Striker of past games, you can choose to enlist as a Prowl Rider. These soldiers use technology invented by the Kindred Rebellion to leap onto the back of giant insects and take them over. Captured units become giant tanks that can rip through opponents with ease. The Prowl Rider can also grapple onto buildings and trees using their E-Needle grappling hook. No matter what class you choose, you'll be able to customize your soldier before heading into battle, a series first!


Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain will come to PlayStation 4 on April 11th, 2019. There's a standard $60 edition as well as an Ultimate $90. The upcharge gets you "a critical weapon and an additional mission scheduled to release shortly after launch." Preordering either version will net you custom costumes and enhanced weapons, along with more bonuses to be announced later.

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