Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

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D3 Publisher
PlayStation 4
Release Date
April 11, 2019 (Calendar)
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Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is the latest EDF game, and the first to release simultaneously worldwide. Developed by Yuke's, mostly known for their work on 2K's WWE series, Iron Rain is a more serious, "Americanized" entry in a series known for campy action and humor. Still featuring the same glorious bug-blasting action, you'll fight against towering machines, giant creatures from outer space, and more. Along the way you'll acquire hundreds of weapons, ranging from your bog-standard assault rifles and shotguns, to more exotic weapons like satellite lasers and railguns.

Also new to Iron Rain is a revamped progression system and character class system. No longer are you scrounging levels for weapon boxes, as new weapons are awarded at the end of every level. Every mission earns you credits and "energy gems," both of which are used to buy new weapons, upgrade your health, and unlock items. For every item used in a mission, there's a credit deduction at your payout, making a delicate balance between using powerful items to complete missions, and attempting them with just your own skills. Also, upgrades are shared across character classes, and there's a new focus on customizing your soldier to suit your preferences. With hundreds of weapons, items, and clothing to unlock, the combinations are innumerable.

No longer a nameless soldier in the EDF war machine, you are a member of an elite American unit. Deployed all across the West Coast, you will fight off enemies both from outer space, and rebellious human factions that look to exploit the chaos of the Aggressor invasion. Much like Earth Defense Force 5Iron Rain can be seen as a series reboot in a sense, sharing little continuity with previous entries. Still, despite the quick turnaround between the last EDF game, Yuke's hopes their changes will make Iron Rain worth the look.