E3 2017 - New ARMS Character Announced As Free DLC

Published: June 16, 2017 12:39 PM /


Max Brass ARMS

Nintendo Treehouse confirmed one more surprise for their now recently released title ARMS, the first Free DLC character for the game, the ARMS champion Max Brass.

Max Brass is described as the "greatest champion in the history of the ARMS Grand Prix. He was so successful his own arms are his championship belts, hard hitting brass objects to pummel his opponents.


Brass, like all of the other characters in ARMS, has a few special abilities. With his, he can buff up his body to prevent himself from flinching when being hit, similar to another character in the game, Master Mummy. The difference between the two is down to maneuverability, Max Brass is agiler while Master Mummy is slower and more plodding. Brass also has an ability similar to the titular character Spring Man, where if his health goes down to a quarter his ARMS get permanently charged, meaning he can dish out massive amounts of damage if players aren't careful.

Max Brass will be made playable next month as the first Free DLC update to ARMS. This month, the game will add a spectator mode, one of the features shown in the ARMS invitational tournament, to the title as well.

ARMS is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Quick Take

ARMS has grown on me a lot since it was first announced. It looks like it's a blast to play and the characters are all quirky and colorful enough to be interesting, invoking a sort of old school sort of Punch-Out! vibe without it feeling like Punch-Out! at all, and that's a good thing to me. It is also good to see Nintendo bring us what can potentially become a good competitive vs fighter game, so long as the game continues to be balanced and updated. Adding Max Brass is just the start, I'm curious what other kinds of characters they will throw into the mix in the future. 

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