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While at E3 this year, I had the opportunity to both play some Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord and interview Taleworlds Entertainment CEO Armağan Yavuz about the game. You can read my hands on impressions of Bannerlord's combat here, and below you can find the interview with Armağan where we talk some more about Bannerlord's combat.


Those familiar with Mount and Blade should find the combat very familiar. It's the same chaos, just increased; the same sword, axe, and club swinging, just improved; and the same satisfaction as before, just at a greater level.

In talking to Armağan, we go into some of the design philosophies behind Bannerlord's combat and where some ideas may ave came from. We get a little bit into the why of Bannerlord's changes and combat some, and talk a little of how history affected the game.

While talking to Frank Elliott, Community Manager and PR man at Taleworlds, he mentioned that Armağan was big into history. While Bannerlord is by no means a game striving to be as historically accurate as possible, Frank mentioned and Armağan affirmed in his interview that history did inform some design decisions. As someone with a degree in history, I couldn't help but pursue the discussion. For all of who out there who had bad teachers/professors that ruined history for you, I'm sorry.

There's still no word on when Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord will be coming out, but I think we can all be assured that work is still being done. It's a case of it will be out when it is done. A key component, the combat, seems pretty well complete to me, so that should be a good sign to everyone. Again, check out my hands on impressions for more details on that.

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