E3 2015 - Stella Glow Coming This Holiday Season

Published: June 15, 2015 8:36 PM /


Stella Glow Banner

Atlus gave out more details for the Western release of Stella Glow, the music-themed strategy RPG for the Nintendo 3DS today.

The press release by Atlus includes several details about the game, including a release window of  this holiday season on the 3DS, at the price of $49.99/CA$59.99.

Stella Glow will also feature musical arrangements from composer Yasunori Mitsuda of Chrono Trigger fame, and over 20 songs in their soundtrack, sung in Japanese by several famous Japanese voice actors. English audio will also be available for everything but the game songs, according to the press release.

Stella Glow will follow the story of Alto and his friend Lisette, as they attempt to stop the witch Hilda from using a power called Song Magic to destroy the world. Developed by Imageepoch, the team behind the Luminous Arc series, Stella Glow will feature around 40-60 hours worth of content, side missions, a New Game+ mode, and over 50 maps to play on in the game.

Other gameplay elements include the touting of the games heavy strategy elements, as well as Free Time, a gameplay feature that will allow players to "Upgrade or buy items, tune Witches’ hearts, explore, and grind experience." Free Time also allows for players to enter romances and form deeper bonds with characters, but the game has a limited supply of Free Time given.

Outside of some minor plot details and bits about the release, Atlus has also showed off some new screenshots of the title off of their website, where players can pre-order the game starting this week.

Stella Glow will be available to play at E3 this week, so more details may be incoming.

So what do you think? Is Stella Glow another must have RPG by Atlus? Leave your comments below! 


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