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Indie games have certainly reached critical mass in more ways than one. There is now a constant stream of games hitting Steam and itch.io , more than anyone can really keep up with. In addition, both Sony and Microsoft have made it relatively easy to put smaller games on their storefronts, and this of course leads to several old favorites making the journey from your desktop to your living room. Maybe you missed these games the first time, maybe you need an excuse to play them again. In any case, here are a few Steam games making the journey onto consoles in the coming months.



First off is Deathtrap, a tower defense/action RPG hybrid from NeocoreGames. The game was reviewed by Benjamin back in February, and he praised the game's co-op appeal and variety of traps at your disposal. The game goes for $20 on Steam after a stint in Early Access, and generally seems well received. We'll see if the controller support issues that Benjamin mentioned have been ironed out since this is Neocore's first journey onto consoles. Speaking of which, Neocore also announced that the first of their Van Helsing trilogy would be joining Deathtrap on consoles, both arriving on Xbox One soon.

Quantum Rush: Champions


Way back in 2014, Stephen reviewed Quantum Rush: Champions in Early Access. Since then, the single player futuristic racer has become a full $10 release on Steam and is heading to Xbox One for $15 starting tomorrow. The game seemed out of place on PC due to a wealth of racing options, but might find a home in the more limited library available to Xbox One owners. It is unclear if the game's "Jump Start" DLC will be included in the package, although that would explain the slight bump in price between versions.



From the folks over at Two Tribes, RIVE is a chaotic shoot 'em up with robot tinkering thrown in for good measure. Quite a shift from Toki Tori for that developer. The game was already announced on PC and shown at PAX East, but this E3 brought us news of a release on Wii U as well. I have played this game a bit in a prerelease state, and it's right up there with Steredenn on my list of favorite arcade style games for this year. We don't know exactly when it will be released, but it will definitely be this year, and it's certainly one to look forward to.

Elite: Dangerous


One of the announcements during Microsoft's press conference, Elite: Dangerous joins The Long Dark as the first games in Microsoft's new Game Preview program. Basically a way for Microsoft to sell Early Access games on their service, this will actually be the second time that Elite has been considered to be unfinished. It is certainly one of the bigger games to be coming over from PC, and it will be interesting to see if a console audience will be receptive to a high concept space sim experience.



Local multiplayer game Soccertron made its PC debut in March, but originally made waves on the Ouya late in 2014. It is one of many bite size party games vying for attention, which may be why it slipped under our radar on Steam. However, Xbox One is a smaller pond with only a few contenders for the local multiplayer crown, so it seems like a perfect second chance for the retro inspired title.

What indies are you excited to see head into your living room? What games in your Steam library would you like to play again on your couch? Or are you just smart enough to wait for the Steam Link? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!

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