Dragon Star Varnir Flies into the West This Summer

Published: April 26, 2019 9:00 AM /


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As announced by Idea Factory International, dragon-killing RPG Dragon Star Varnir will come to the West on June 11th for North American PS4s. European fans will have to wait a few more days, as Dragon Star Varnir will release on June 14th. In addition to the release date, Idea Factory also released a new trailer, as well as some supplementary information about your allies and the battle systems. Fights in Dragon Star Varnir take place in the air, and by positioning your team members on one of three heights, you can garner additional stat boots. Furthermore, you're able to set traps on the battlefield, as well as use your latent dragon powers to transform. We'll be able to see just how well Dragon Star Varnir does dragon-killing action later this June.


Set in a world where witches and dragons terrorize the lands, you must fight to survive amidst changing allegiances and greater threats. When young dragon hunter Zephys is nearly killed on a mission to exterminate a band of witches, he instead finds himself under their care. The witches nurse him back to health with dragon blood, bestowing upon him great power, but also linking his fate to theirs. Now, he fights alongside the witches against an empire that seeks to exterminate dragon hunters, as well as a witch supposedly more powerful than any other in existence.

Aside from killing dragons and the Empire's soldiers, Zephys is also tasked with protecting young witches at his newfound home. Unable to control their own powers, you can feed the budding witches dragon blood or meat, and are gifted rare items in return. Feed the "sisters" too much, and dragons burst out of their body. While this kills the sister, you can consume the resulting dragon for a new, rare skill. Thus, you're left with a choice between protecting the future or gaining unimaginable power. We'll see just how well Dragon Star Varnir balances these choices when it releases in June of this year.

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