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Grim Fandango

Steam is by far the dominant platform on PC when it comes to buying games digitally, but they're not the only game in town. There are other storefronts that serve up Steam keys and DRM-Free titles, but there are also apps that have their own vast libraries of games. One such app is, an open marketplace that allows developers to upload everything from highly polished titles to jam games to trial runs and free experimental games. They also provide a platform for creators of all stripes and sensibilities to offer books, comics, game assets and a whole mess of other digital goods. Everything is presented DRM-Free with optional app support.

Despite attracting some high profile indie games in the past, one of the main reasons that has remained out of the mainstream is the lack of major publisher support. Yesterday, that changed just a bit with the introduction of Double Fine's games to the service.

Everything from the heavy metal fairy tale Brutal Legend to the adventure gaming classic Grim Fandango is now available at a low price on the service for the launch week. It is noted on store pages that online features (such as Brutal Legend's multiplayer mode) are only available on Steam.

Quick Take

While the small group of people behind would probably balk at the idea of their niche and porn friendly marketplace being a competitor for Steam, I think it's great to see major names start to embrace the service. The more options gamers have when it comes to purchasing a game, the better that experience ends up being. Between itch and GOG, it's now very easy to download games big and small without the worries of DRM. It is my sincere hope that bigger games on itch leads to more notability for the interesting smaller games and numerous free titles that currently call the service home.

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