Dontnod Launching 5 Self-Published Titles in Next 3 Years

03/31/2021 - 15:33 | By: Robert N. Adams
'Life is Strange' is Just the Start

2021 is already shaping up to be a big year for Dontnod Entertainment with two Life is Strange games on the way, but that's just the start of its ambitious plans to release self-published games.

Dontnod Entertainment had a somewhat rough start with the release of Remember Me many years ago. That challenge could have killed the studio, but it pressed on and had huge success with its next game Life is Strange. It's now getting a new remastered edition released later this year along with the next entry in the franchise Life is Strange: True Colors, and that's after a pretty stellar 2020 for the company.

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Things Are Only Getting Better for Dontnod Entertainment

A new business report for Dontnod Entertainment was released (via ResetEra) detailing the company's revenues for 2020 along with its plans for the future. It's had a 31% increase in overall revenue over the last fiscal year — and that's before Tencent invested €30 million in the company.


With Life is Strange: True Colors and Life is Strange Remastered on the way, 2021 is probably going to be even better for the company. The immediate future looks bright, but what's even more surprising is that this is just the start of what it has in development: Dontnod's 2020 Business Report indicates that it has an additional five self-published games in development along with plans to expand its games to mobile markets in Asia.

"DONTNOD is therefore perfectly placed to ramp up its development plan aimed at capturing more value generated from its original creations by self-publishing more games and extending the reach of its catalog to mobile platforms in Asia," read a portion of the report. "The entire pipeline has thus been enhanced with new self-published IP in line with the positive industry trends in favor of creators of high-quality original games that gain international recognition, such as DONTNOD[.]"

"DONTNOD is therefore perfectly placed to ramp up its development plan aimed at capturing more value generated from its original creations by self-publishing more games[...]"

"Lastly, DONTNOD is continuing to develop the new co-production with FOCUS Home Interactive as well as the design/pre-production of 5 other self-published titles scheduled for release between 2022 and 2025."

We don't know what these games will be. With five titles coming in the next four years or so, I'd put good money on at least one of them being another Life is Strange game. What the other four games are is a mystery for now, but it will certainly be exciting to see what it can cook up in the future.

What would you like to see created by Dontnod Entertainment? Do you think it can build on the success of the Life is Strange franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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