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A series of new screenshots, which can be viewed below, of Digimon Survive, was posted to Namco Bandai's Weibo account on December 24h with an additional screenshot being posted to the @Digimon_Game Twitter December 20th. These screenshots highlight a new character named Saki Kimijima and her Digimon partner Floramon.

According to translations found on Gemastu, Saki is described as a middle schooler who is honest and tends to go with the flow. She is partnered Floramon, who is a rookie stage plant-like Digimon which originally appeared in the Digimon anime's first season which aired on television in 1999.

Other Digimon that appear in the screenshots includes Betamon, Labramon, Flacomon and, Agumon., All of which happen to be rookie Digimon like Floramon.

Digimon survive 4

Several screenshots also show off more of the game's battle system, which takes place on a grid and plays out much like other tactical RPGs, such as Atlus' Devil Survivor and Square Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics Series.

As seen in the screenshots above, players in Digimon Survive will be able to talk to and bond with Saki and other human characters with Survive's "Free Movement" system. This system allows you to explore the game's map and form bonds with others by talking to them.

Originally announced for a 2019 release for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam Digimon Survive will see release in 2020 in both the west and Japan. It features characters designs by Uichi Ukumo, and music by Tomoki Miyoshi. It also boasts a system in which players can make game-altering decisions that can determine which characters live or die, and how their Digimon partners will evolve and change over time.

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