Did a Trade Model Just Leak Nintendo's Whole E3 Lineup?

Published: June 5, 2014 7:28 PM /


Nintendo E3

Leaks are becoming all the more common these days. All it takes is one pair of loose lips on the internet and suddenly the whole world knows. This just might be the situation with Nintendo's E3 show this year. An anonymous poster on 4chan's /v/ board, claiming to be "kinda seeing" one of the trade floor models for Nintendo this year, posted a list of the supposed line up for Nintendo's e3 2014 show in its entirety! 

The list of Nintendo's line upcovers both 3DS and Wii U games and lists whether we would see gameplay, trailers, demos, etc. The list includes many welcome surprises such as an HD remake of Super Mario Sunshine, a 3DS StarFox game, and the rumored Pokemon fighting game! (Titled Pokkén Fighting Tournament) 

Pokken Fighters

We also get a full title for Monolith Soft's new game X (Apparently titled Xonomech Saga). The newest Zelda will be subtitled "The Unbound King". A Mario Party 10 is also listed (hooray?). Another rumor that is "confirmed" with this image is the Nintendo's inclusion of figurines for the new Smash Brothers game ala Skylanders.  The full list of Nintendo's line up can be seen below.

Nintendo E3 Lineup

What do you think? Could this be a hoax? Certainly. Could it be real? Certainly. We'll simply have to wait for Nintendo's E3 demonstration to find out for ourselves. Tell us what you think, and what you're excited to see at E3 in the comments below!


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