Devolver Digital E3 2019 Conference Scheduled, Buckets of Fake Blood on Backorder

Published: May 10, 2019 1:16 PM /


devolver digital e3 2019

The Devolver Digital E3 2019 conference has been scheduled. While nearly every big gaming company (except for Sony) is sure to be making a spectacular showing at E3 2019, Devolver Digital's show is a whole different kind of special. Buy some anti-nausea meds in bulk and get hype, because this year's show is bound to (literally) be a blast as the next entry in the Devolver Digital Press Conference Universe.

Devolver Digital is a game publisher that has a reputation for thinking outside of the box and publishing interesting indie games, many of which are personally scouted out by the Devolver crew at various trade shows throughout the year. They most recently funded the development of Weedcraft Inc (a game which we reviewed and very much enjoyed) as the very first project specifically commissioned by the company. The company's irreverent style and choice of games to publish have also led to some of their videos being demonetized on YouTube.

Much like their other efforts, the Devolver Digital E3 2019 conference is equally bombastic. The shows are largely a send-up of the massive press conferences held by other companies and they occasionally stray into absurd (and sometimes grisly) territory.

The conference is traditionally headed by Chief Synergy Officer Nina Struthers, a powerful woman who has no problem pulling the trigger on a new trailer or a disobedient audience member. Miss Struthers (played by actress Mahria Zook) is easily the highlight of the conference; she recently made an appearance in a trailer for Weedcraft Inc. Here's hoping that Devolver's CSO makes a return at this year's show!

If you'd like to get an idea of how Devolver Digital rolls at E3, you can watch their E3 2018 conference below. The Devolver Digital E3 2019 conference will be streaming live on on June 7, 2019, at 10:00 PM Eastern. You might also want to join Devolver Digital's official Discord server.

Are you going to watch the Devolver Digital E3 2019 conference? What did you think of last year's show? Let us know in the comments below!


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