Devolver Announcing 5 Games At Devolver MaxPass+ E3 2021 Event

Published: June 9, 2021 2:43 PM /


Devolver MaxPass+ Devolver Digital E3 2021 teaser cover

E3 2021 is just around the corner and Devolver Digital has something in store: get ready for Devolver MaxPass+, an event where it will present a "bold new vision for monetization as a service."

Devolver Digital is one of the most interesting game publishers on the planet with a knack for finding interesting or downright weird games and bringing them under their umbrella. Whether it's artistic masterpieces like Gris or compelling roguelikes like Loop Hero, Devolver has built up an impressive catalog of games over the last decade.


A big part of Devolver's charm is its annual show that's done around the time of E3. These presentations announce new games while also serving as a hilarious send-up of traditional media conferences and this year's show is no different — Devolver MaxPass+ is coming.

Devolver MaxPass+ is presumably the name for this year's E3 2021 presentation which will also serve as a reboot of the Devolver cinematic universe. (Yes, there is a Devolver cinematic universe — the company's parody presentations have an ongoing storyline.)

Devolver MaxPass+ Devolver Digital E3 2021 teaser slice 2


What Games Will Be Shown at Devolver MaxPass+?

A total of five games are planned to be shown at Devolver MaxPass+ — here's what we expect to see revealed according to a press release:

  • Phantom Abyss release date announcement
  • Death's Door release date announcement
  • Five New games from developers including:
    • Flying Wild Hog (Shadow WarriorEvil West)
    • Galvanic Games (Rapture RejectsSome Distant Memory)
    • Doinksoft (Gato Robato)

Additionally, a tweet from earlier this week teasing Devolver's E3 event has a photo with Nina Struthers and a whiteboard in the background; the whiteboard appears to show "Hotline Miami 3" in capital letters and another block of text below it that we can't quite make out.

The official Hotline Miami Twitter account has previously indicated that there aren't any plans for Hotline Miami 3 back in 2017 and a 2013 interview also said that there were no plans for Hotline Miami 3 or a prequel, but those plans could have changed in recent years.


Is Devolver MaxPass+ a Devolver Digital Subscription?

One other question comes to mind — is Devolver MaxPass+ a Devolver Digital subscription service? On the one hand, Devolver has a strong enough catalog that it probably could pull something like that off. On the other hand, making fun of industry (and beyond) trends is a big part of Devolver Digital's E3 presentations and it could all be a massive send-up of the recent trend towards subscription services, with the name seemingly referencing HBO Max, Xbox Game Pass, and Disney+.

Devolver MaxPass+ Devolver Digital E3 2021 teaser slice


When is Devolver MaxPass+?

The Devolver MaxPass+ E3 2021 presentation will take place on Saturday, June 12, 2021, at 4:30 PM Eastern time. Soon, we'll be able to enjoy the wonderfully chaotic personality of Nina Struthers and the other (fictional) Devolver digital folks.

You'll be able to watch Devolver MaxPass+ this Saturday on as part of the Summer Game Fest. If you happen to miss this year's show, you'll probably be able to see the VOD uploaded to Devolver Digital's YouTube channel or elsewhere.

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Are you looking forward to Devolver MaxPass+? Do you think a Devolver Digital subscription service could work? Let us know in the comments below!

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