Devil Survivor 2: Code Breaker lands launch edition

Published: March 10, 2015 12:07 PM /


Devil Survivor 2 Launch Edition

Atlus revealed launch edition bonuses for the upcoming North American release of Shin Megami Tensei 2: Record Breaker for the 3DS. A day-one edition of the game will include a soundtrack CD from composer Shoji Meguro, who previously worked on other Shin Megami Tensei titles like the Persona series.

Included along with the soundtrack CD are art decals and a collectible box to house the game case. Art decals include main characters along with logos for the JP's and Nicaea.

Pre-orders for the game will be automatically upgraded to the launch day edition, priced at $49.99. Atlus is no stranger to launch day bonuses with a higher price tag than the average 3DS game, releasing games like Etrian Odyssey and Persona Q with similar launch editions.

A sequel to the original 2009 Nintendo DS sleeper hit, Devil Survivor 2: Code Breaker is an enhanced port of 2012's Devil Survivor 2. Atlus labels the game as a not just a re-release, but an "up-make" of the original title, adding new voice work, scenarios, and characters that almost double the game play time of the original title.

Titled "Triangulum Arc," the new scenario picks up the story where the original game ends. According to Atlus, the 3DS exclusive scenario will contain over 30 hours of game play on top of the already lengthy original campaign.

A strategy RPG offshoot of the Shin Megami Tensei series, Devil Survivor 2 follows a group of teenagers as they navigate a city on quarantine by invading by demons. Players navigate the city, fighting through demons by and using their own demons to fight.

The original DS game, its enhanced 3DS port, and the DS sequel all released to positive reviews, praising its intensely unique story and game play.

Devil Survivor 2: Code Breaker released in Japan on January 29th. The game is set to hit the states on May 5th.


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