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Published: April 14, 2017 2:05 PM /


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The newest version of the controversial one-stop Digital Rights Management solution Denuvo has already been cracked by crackers. The game using this version of Denuvo is 2Dark, a stealth-adventure game that was released to Steam on March 10. Some people online view the crack as poetic justice since the dev behind 2Dark seemingly went back on his original promise to not include DRM in any version of the game. This seems to be because the game's publisher, Big Ben, requested to use of Denuvo in the game. Cracking the version of Denuvo integrated into 2Dark cost crackers about a month, which is probably a lot quicker than Denuvo would like.

Bigben Interactive, the game's publisher, posted a statement on the inclusion of Denuvo on the game's Steam Community page:

We have seen the discussions surrounding the 2Dark DRM system and we have heard them. 2Dark uses Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM system. This DRM system has proven useful against piracy and many game studios make use of it in order to protect their creations. As the publisher of 2Dark, Bigben Interactive is also responsible for the protection of 2Dark and its intellectual propriety against piracy.
Our very own Andrew Otton spoke with the developer of 2Dark after the inclusion of Denuvo came to light. In this interview, the dev says that the inclusion of Denuvo came at the behest of the game's publisher, who wanted this additional layer of protection to be included in the final version of the game. You can read the full story here.

Denuvo isn't well-liked amongst gamers for supposedly having a negative impact on game performance as well as the solution's need to phone home to a central server every so often. This would essentially bar players from playing their games completely offline, making the game literally unplayable unless you can connect to their servers once while starting a game. Games that currently use this newly cracked version of Denuvo are Mass Effect: Andromeda (as of patch 1.05. Patch 1.03's older version of Denuvo was previously cracked), NieR: Automata and Dead Rising 4.

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