Dean Hall releases Out of Ammo in Early Access

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In a time of experimentation for VR games, Dean Hall, most known for DayZ has released a VR shooter/towerdefense/builder. The game is called Out of Ammo. It allows the players to be in an overview of a battlefield, place down defenses such as sandbags and watchtowers or possess units directly in order for you to control them. A full trailer for the game can be seen below.

Due to the nature of early access the features toted here may be expanded upon in the future. As of now the game features four environments to play. Woodland, Urban, Desert and Alpine. As well as five unit types Engineer, Medic, Rocketeer, Sniper and Rifleman. Out of Ammo was designed exclusively around the HTC Vive and doesn't function with the Oculus Rift.

The trailer shows its simplistic blocky art style as well as the gameplay they are trying to achieve. It also has had a very negative reaction with, at this stage, mostly dislikes on the video. Part of this might be due to the fact that not a peep has been heard from the game Dean Hall announced back at E3, Ion. Online people also wont hesitate to remind him how he left before DayZ was fully finished. This being released before Ion, feeds into that argument that Dean Hall doesn't finish his games.

With VR still in its early infancy, its seems a lot of developers are trying to make smaller, more experimental games like Out of Ammo in order to explore the possibilities of this new platform. They also mention on the steam page that they are aiming for a short 2-6 month in Early Access with more focus on polishing the game.

It should be noted however that the 9 user reviews on steam for Out of Ammo are all positive. 

With the release of Out of Ammo it seems to have only driven up the questions people have about the state of Ion. Hopefully some sort of info about the ethereal title. We are trying to reach out for more information and will update you when we have it.

Out of Ammo is out now on steam for the HTC Vive at $10.99 

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