Dangerous Golf Announced by Burnout Creators

Published: January 26, 2016 12:34 PM /


Dangerous Golf Preview

Today, former Criterion heads Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry have revealed their new game via Twitter. Dangerous Golf seems to take the mature game of golf and treat it like Burnout treated other racing games. This will be the first game for these developers since they started Three Fields Entertainment.

Dangerous Golf Logo
Anyone up for a quick 18?

In Dangerous Golf, the aim isn't to get under par, it is instead to try to get as many points as possible by destroying everything in sight. You'll encounter glasses, plates, and plenty of other breakable objects to rack up a high score. There is even an ability to turn your ball into a bomb to set off a Smashbreaker to boost your score as high as you can manage. 

At launch there will be eight different maps, four inside and four outside. Some of the known locations include a petrol station, a hotel kitchen, a palace ballroom, and a medieval castle. You won't have to destroy things on your own though as there will be a local and online multiplayer included at launch. Alex Ward spoke to VideoGamer.com about the origins about the game.

We're very big on connected play, so there's online leaderboards. There's a lot of stuff obviously that wasn't invented back when we started Crash mode back then. We like playing for score, we're arcade game fans, we've made arcade games our whole like. So we like playing for high score, we like competing against our friends. We've got a MAME cabinet in the office. We're constantly playing stuff, and high scores is a big driver, certainly for me and the guys on the team here. Beating each other's scores, finding secrets and rewards. That's always been in out DNA.

Dangerous Golf Destruction
Just think of how much property damage you're causing...

Three Fields has built Dangerous Golf to be a game that pushes the limits of the physics of the unreal engine. This goes to show in some of the glass and porcelain shattering effects displayed in some of these screen shots. Three Fields also says that if Dangerous Golf is a success that they intend for their next game to be a spiritual successor to Burnout 3: Takedown.

Dangerous Golf will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this May. Pricing details are unknown at this time.


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