Cursed to Golf Tee Up For Their Upcoming Release

Published: July 7, 2022 2:12 PM /


cursed to golf screenshot - Cursed To Golf Release Date

Thunderful has finally revealed the release date for their newest game that is haunting its players, Cursed to Golf, alongside a sparkling new gameplay trailer. The golf-like adventure game will come to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on August 18, 2022. 

Cursed to Golf Gameplay Screenshot- Cursed To Golf Release Date


Players take on the role of a cursed golfer in this 2D rogue-lite, who passed away just as they were about to win a golf tournament. The players are trapped in Golf Purgatory, where they are forced to play through over 80 ghoulish holes of golf to rejoin the land of the living. The courses feature teleporters, TNT boxes, high-powered fans, and other treacherous challenges that will attempt to stop the player from making a hole-in-one. This game will put the players golfing skills to the test and their patience, as they die again..and again...and probably again before finally landing themselves a bogey. 

The game features a ghastly caddie who will tutor the player as they progress to keep them on the road to sweet redemption and revival. Players will need to pass each course while maintaining the par count, or they will be forced to restart the course from the beginning.

Players are also given tools to help enhance their gameplay, such as the Birdie-Eye view tool that allows players to scope out the entire course to plan their moves carefully. Silver and gold Idols are placed throughout each course, allowing players to add to their par count in case they run low. 


Ace cards are also a helpful tool players can use, channeling the underworld's powers that manipulate the game in the player's favor. Other cards are also available to use, such as U-Turn, Rocketball, ScatterShot, and Mulligans. There are over 20 cards for players to give themselves a fighting chance of escaping this purgatory and claiming the trophy back in the real world. 

Here are the key features of the game for players to keep in mind: 

  • Explore the golf-themed world and characters of Golf Purgatory
  • Precise "Golf-Like" gameplay across a randomly-ordered course in 4 biomes
  • Navigate tough dungeon-like holes filled with wacky hazards
  • Golf in style using over 20 unique Ace Card power-ups
  • Challenge the world in online leaderboards
  • 80+ holes and the Daily Challenge Mode will keep you swinging for eternity

When we played Cursed To Golf at PAX East we absolutely loved it praising its simple controls and zany scenarios presenting all kinds of interesting courses for you to swing your way through.


The release date isn't too far away since Summertime is almost here. The game will also include plenty of challenges and an online leaderboard that will keep the players club swinging for hours on end. Players who want to give the game a test drive before the official release can play the Demo available on Steam, but it's only available for a limited time. Will you be teeing off this summer? Let us know in the comments.



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