Crusaders Quest Gets One Last Update Before New Years

Published: December 11, 2015 8:30 AM /


Crusaders Quest

Crusaders Quest players rejoice, the match-3 RPG has recently received a major update. This will be the last update to the game before the year ends, and it brings a lot of new content. Log into the game and check out all the new additions. It will give players plenty to play through over the holiday break.

The latest update to Crusaders Quest brings a new episode of story content, 38 unique heroes to recruit, 6 never before seen soulbound weapons to equip, and another powerful Goddess to ally yourself with. In addition to this new update, Crusaders Quest has been selected as an Editor’s Choice on Google Play.

The new episode for Crusaders Quest is the sixth in the campaign and it’s called “Battlefield.” In this latest chapter of the story, crusaders will fight against the evil Imperial Neth Empire. Players can fight their way through 60 new stages of story driven gameplay.

A massive 38 heroes have been added to the game. This adds even more variety to the pool of heroes for players to collect and level up. These new additions include two 4-6 star Premium Heroes, a warrior named Lionel and a paladin called Athena.

Crusaders Quest

Visit the Fortress of Souls to find 6 new soulbound weapons to increase player’s power. These new weapons are for the following characters: Isabel, V, Magnus, Wilhelm, Necron, and Dara. Battle your way through the Fortress of Souls to find the new soulbound weapons and equip them to your heroes.

Cronos is the latest Goddess to be added to the Crusaders Quest roster. She has the ability to slow down time. Her Goddess power can also recharge heroes skills, both of which can be used at strategic times to get the upper hand in battle.

With this latest update players can now increase their heroes' level from the previous cap of 60 to 70. You’ll also get more free meat when you level up.

Battle against Neth Empire

Learn more about the game at the Toast website or download the game for Android or iOS. This update comes at the one year anniversary of Crusaders Quest’s launch. Celebrate the game’s anniversary and the holiday season with this epic update.


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