Crab Game DDOS' Happening Due to Networking Tech

Dani, the creator of the multiplayer minigame game Crab Game, is warning players about the possibility of DDOS attacks due to the game's networking code.

Published: November 3, 2021 10:58 AM /


The Glass Bridge from Crab Game.

Last week, MUCK creator released Crab Game, a multiplayer game totally not inspired by any recent hit Korean TV shows. However, Crab Game streamer popularity has led Dani to discover that some of his networking code isn't as secure as he wanted, and streamers risk being hit with DDOS attacks.

Crab Game IP Leak causing vulnerabilities

Releasing October 29th, Crab Game has already become quite popular as far as free multiplayer games go, with 92% of its 14,233 reviews being positive. Combining a variety of mini-games, the hard-to-beat price of free, and a completely original concept that has never been done within the past few months, it's a popular game to stream with it having had over 200k Twitch viewers earlier this week. However, in a trio of recent tweets, creator Dani has warned streamers to stay away from public lobbies for a while due to the possibility that they may be hit with a DDOS attack.

As Dani explains in the follow-up tweets, Crab Game is built on Facepunch Steam P2P networking code. At the time, Dani considered it a "fast and good solution," but he's learned that it's not the most secure option, and it has a tendency to occasionally leak the IPs of players. As of the tweet, sent out yesterday afternoon, Dani is now switching the network code to the more secure Steam Networking, but this change may take a few days due to having to change a lot of the code. Dani ends his tweets with an apology for all the players affected by this. "I should've done more research before implementing networking the way I did," he concludes.

Crab Game is available to play for free on Steam if you're looking for a Squid Game inspired multiplayer game.

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