Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies expansions rolls out all week

Published: November 27, 2015 1:30 PM /


CS Nexon Zombies

The free to play Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is getting all kinds of updates this week. Tales of the Undead is a content pack filled with new classes, game modes, scenarios and items. If you don't think you'll have enough time to play it all then don't worry cause it's coming out over the space of six days.

Right now two of the updates have already been added. The first of the content packs was the giant zombie character Angra. Angra is able to take out enemies using a toxic breath attack or even tentacles. For those who might be afraid though never fear as you'l be able to get into your Comanche helicopter and take the fight to Angra. A Hidden Mode, where one player will stalk others while invisible, and an Item Battle mode have also been added. in Item battle you face off in Team Deathmatch but with some added items that need to be used to gain the lead.

Yesterday Season 5 of Zombie Scenario was launched. Jennifer and her team hear word of a new super soldier experiment and head off in search of it. The only problem is the search takes them to an abandoned city teeming with the undead.

Today a Zombie Hide and Seek is being added. It's a 20 player game where the human faction needs to identify and hunt down a real zombie hidden among plenty of fakes. For the Zombie it's all about being sneaky enough to escape the humans.

Tomorrow on the 28th another new game mode, Sudden Death, will be launching. In this elimination game mode there is one gun that spans in the center of the map that players will have to make a sprint for.

On the 29th the second installment of Zombie Scenario where Jennifer is continuing her search. In this she finds a suspicious laboratory and begins to uncover things that might be best forgotten.

Finally on the 30th the last update will be delivered and with it the third scenario will be released. This one lets players battle their way through hordes and hordes of zombies to uncover the truth.

If you want even more information about all of these updates then you can head to the official Steam page for them.

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