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Village building and management simulation Community Inc. from developer T4 Interactive and publisher tinybuild is now available to play in Alpha. Featuring serene and strategic gameplay, the indie studio is looking for feedback to help make their game the best it can be. Below is a trailer showcasing nice graphics, catchy music and interesting gameplay.

In Community Inc., you play as the new manager of a fledgling community looking to make a profit. To do this you’ll need to keep the community happy to power up portals and trade with other races. All the work is done by the Lings, an obedient and helpful lot that can cause trouble if you don’t keep an eye on them. By providing them with a basic salary and living essentials like food and clothes you can order when and where they work. Every Ling has individual traits and attributes that you can also control.

Also be on the lookout for creatures that you can trade with who may be helpful or harmful to your endeavors. Other things potentially standing in the way of your success are unfavorable weather conditions and unexpected events. If your community is doing well you can accept contracts and make enough surplus to grow it even bigger. If things aren't going so great you can sell the village and start anew.

Community Inc.
Things can go terribly wrong.

Each map is sandbox with randomly generated nature for you to explore or build a custom map yourself. You just may find treasure as you discover your environment that can be sold or used to help your community. You’ll also need to keep improving the lives of your people through crafting better clothes, weapons, and armors to keep everyone happy, healthy and safe.

To download and play the Alpha visit the official website here. It’s recommended that you start with the tutorials to understand how to play the game. Community Inc. is planned to launch on Steam this summer and has an ESRB rating of “E” for everyone.

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