Codemasters Weekend Deal Roundup

Published: September 4, 2014 5:14 PM /



The Codemasters weekend sale (Want to find it? Click here.) is now live on Steam! It runs from now until September 8. You'll find a list of the games included (and their prices) after the break.


RPG games

Starting off our list of deals are Codemasters' RPG games. Included are the ever-so-evil (and fun!) Overlord games.

  • Overlord ($1.24, 75% off)  - The original Overlord game. It's a fun - albeit sometimes slow - RPG, which contains plenty of elements that are similar to Pikmin.
  • Overlord: Raising Hell ($2.49, 75% off)  - The expansion to Overlord! It expands on the game a good deal, although it's mostly made up of confusing minigames. Unlike the PS3 version, this does not add a minimap.
  • Overlord II ($2.49, 75% off)  - While it's the sequel to Overlord, Overlord II shifts around quite a good deal of the mechanics. It also includes better level design, improved combat, and a minimap.
  • Rise of the Argonauts ($2.49, 75% off)  - A game based off the infamous Greek legends, Rise of the Argonauts puts you in the shoes of Jason, king of Iolcus.


Racing games

Codemasters has a grand catalogue of racing games, and the selection here kicks things into high gear.



Action games

Shootyshooty bang bang.




The final part of the list, Codemasters' small strategy category.


And that's the deal wrapup for the Codemasters weekend on Steam! Hopefully there's something there for everyone to enjoy!


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