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It's only a couple more months until we can all waste away ungodly amounts of hours on Sid Meier's Civilization VI, and the PR train is slowly picking up steam. We were already introduced to the American civilization led by Teddy Roosevelt, and now it's Egypt's turn in the spotlight.

Egypt is led by none other than Cleopatra, the historical figure mostly known for her world-changing relationships with influential Romans Marc Anthony and Julius Caeser. 

Egypt's special ability is called 'Iteru' (after the Egyptian name for the river Nile) and allows players playing this civilization to build city districts and wonders faster if they're built on a riverbank, and allows this civ to build these districts and wonders on flood plains which is something other civilizations can't do. Egypt also has some specialties that make it a wonderful civ to play if you like setting up trade networks. Every outgoing trade route to a different civilization gets you more gold than your trade partner, and every incoming trade route will give your trade partner additional food in addition to the extra gold you get. 

Egypt's unique unit is the fast Maryannu Chariot Archer.

The Maryannu Chariot Archer is a hereditary class of nobles riding in two-man light chariots. This style of chariot offered a stable base for archers and more room for ammunition, but had its limitations when it came to terrain. Horses and chariots posed maintenance complications, especially during longer campaigns, but the Maryannu were ultimately one of the more elite units in the pharaoh’s army.

This unit gets bonus movement when it starts its turn on open terrain, giving it the upper hand while either chasing or fleeing from enemy units from other civs. 

Egypt's unique tile improvement is the sphinx, which provides Egypt with bonus faith and culture and yields additional bonuses when you build it next to a wonder. 

Egypt as a civilization benefits from trading as much as possible with other civilizations and city-states, and won't really be attractive to players who like to go the isolationist's route (like Venice in Civilization V). Their unique unit makes this civ a powerful player in the early game as well, and their focus on building wonders as fast as possible gives them the potential to gain a lot of power in the early game, especially when you build your cities on a river. 

Civilization VI is scheduled to release on October 21 as a PC exclusive, with Linux and MacOS ports coming at a later date. 

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