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Published: February 18, 2016 6:27 AM /


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After developer Colossal Order has been teasing the new winter-themed expansion for their city builder City: Skylines, they are finally releasing the new content today! As always, some features will be exclusive to players who own the expansion while some features will be coming to all versions of the game. Let's take a look at the most important new additions in the patch notes, as seen on the Steam Community page!


A small note first: because the updates changes some core features to the game, some popular mods (like the popular Traffic++ mod that changes the behavior of agents in your city amongst other things) will no longer work until they are updated to work with Snowfall. Colossal Order did do a special beta test with several modders so they could ensure that their mods would still work with the new expansion, but they obviously couldn't do this for all the mods available. 

This update will add several winter-themed plopable objects only available in the paid update to the game. Among these are 3 new winter parks and 4 new landmarks that you can use to give your city some extra shine. You will also have access to the new tram system and the tram depot, a boiler station, a geothermal heating plant, road maintenance services to ensure that your city keeps on turning with the newly added snowfall and a variety of winter-themed props. The titular snowfall will feature on 3 unique maps, with snow slowly accumulating on your buildings and roads. 

The titular snowfall will feature on 3 unique maps, with snow slowly accumulating on your buildings and roads. Your roads will also be covered in a thick layer of snow which needs to be taken care of by your maintenance crews. If you don't, cars will slow down making it harder for your citizens to get to where they need to go. 


This expansion will also add temperature mechanic to the game, which means that electricity consumption goes up when the temperature goes down. Make sure you've got enough electricity to power your citizens' central heating!

Some of these new additions and changes will also be coming to all versions of the game as a free update. The expanded public transport UI will be available to everyone. Some of the expansion's weather effects, like fog and rain, will also be available to everyone. If you want to try your hand at building a city on a map that looks quite unlike anything you'll find on Earth, you can use the new theme editor to make your wildest dreams come true!

In addition to this, the update fixes a ton of bugs to the game's various systems. Since all of them are quite small I won't list them here, but you can read the full list of all new additions and changes coming to the game with this update here. If you want some more info on the features coming to the game, you can check out an article we wrote about it here


Cities: Skylines Snowfall will sweep onto the Steam Store at some point today, so keep your eyes peeled on the store page! Getting the expansion will cost you $12.99.

Are you planning on getting Cities: Skylines Snowfall? Why/Why not? What would you want to see in future expansions? 



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