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Capcom has put out a new trailer for the upcoming spin-off from the Resident Evil franchise, Umbrella Corps. The trailer shows the third person shooter in action as well as showing off some areas that may be familiar to fans of the series.

Umbrella Corps is a spin-off third person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe, not to be confused with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City the other spin-off third-person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe. Umbrella Corps will be an online multiplayer focused game with a variety of game modes.

The trailer Capcom has released highlights these game modes with a 3-on-3, Multi-Mission where the objective will change throughout the match, a One Life Match and even a single player mode called The Experiment, which consists of 20 missions.

The trailer also shows off locations from past Resident Evil games, Raccoon City and the RPD Building, the inclusion of locations like these, seem to be it's the closest link to the rest of the franchise, apart from, well zombies.

The trailer, released today, can be seen below.


Originally announced back at the Tokyo Game Show, set to come out in May. It was announced last month, however, that the game had been delayed and would come out in June.

The official website for the game gives more info and what Capcom are trying to achieve with Umbrella Corps. (Be ready for some obnoxious auto-play music if you click that link.)  As well as the 20th anniversary of the RE franchise Capcom also seems to be pushing the competitive aspects of the game. They say:

2016 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Resident Evil series. To help commemorate this event, we're bringing a new game to the Resident Evil universe. Umbrella Corps is an action-packed competitive shooter set in the world of Resident Evil that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you battle for survival. Use skill and strategy to seize victory in this exciting, e-sports competitive shooter.

A break down of the gameplay can also be found here on the site. As well as a look at some of the other levels which include the village from Resident Evil 4

A huge section of the Resident Evil player base was unhappy with Resident Evil 6 and want the franchise to go back to its survival horror roots. It has been rumored that a Resident Evil 7 would be more in-line with the earlier days of the franchise. This game, however, seems very far from that wish. Umbrella Corps is set to come out June 21, 2016.

Does this type of game, set in the Resident Evil universe interest you? What type of Resident Evil  game do you want to see? Let us know below.

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