Calgary Expo Bans Religion And Politics

Published: May 27, 2016 9:30 AM /


Calgary Expo

Not familiar with the Calgary Expo? The Canadian-based convention is one of the largest in the whole of North America and is a joyous celebration of all things pop culture. From comic books, to movies and video games, the expo has got you covered in this 4-day geekdom bonanza.

Star Trek Calgary Expo
Sir Patrick Stewart

Accolades include reuniting the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast for the show’s 25th anniversary and is always crammed packed with other exciting guests.

This year’s April 28th - May 1st show included the likes of the legendary Stan Lee, as well as celebrity-tier voice actor Nolan North, whose works include Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Batman: Arkham City and Prince of Persia.

Alongside the special events are all of the cool things you’ll be able to find on the show floor, which is full of exhibitors from the likes of artists and developers demoing their stuff. However, not all of these will be invited back next year.

Twitter user Jeremy Williamson hosted a table with a Christianity theme. Following the show he received an email that explained they will not be welcome back, as Calgary Expo will not be allowing any religious or political viewpoints.

The scope of this can be seen in Calgary Expo’s policy page, which rules:

All exhibits must be in good taste and be family friendly and non-discriminatory in nature, keeping in the theme and nature of the event. All exhibits must further be non-associative or must not promote any specific religious or political doctrine. Final determination of what shall qualify shall be made by the Exhibitor Manager and Operations Manager of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo All exhibitors are subject to continued assessment throughout the event.

It’s interesting how they have also targeted political viewpoints yet, according to Jeremy Williamson, will be allowing tables that promote feminism.

This news follows last year’s incident in which the group Honey Badger Brigade, self-titled “men’s issues advocates and defenders of creator’s rights”, raised more than $9000 to attend the event and stand up to censorship.

This led to them being booted from the show and all future conventions due to, as Calgary Expo explains, not falling in line with providing a “positive and safe event for everyone”.

It’s again interesting how last year, despite their actions, Calgary Expo was carefully preaching the concept of free speech but has made this decision to ban religion and politics.

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