Bungie Responds to Rumors of Destiny Expansion

Published: April 30, 2016 8:51 AM /


Destiny Bungie Expansion Rumor

Bungie has responded to rumors about their upcoming expansion for Destiny according to Gamespot.

The rumors trace back to a post on /r/DestinyTheGame. The post discusses a Reddit account with the name "RezylAzzir", a name found in the lore of Destiny. The account had posted a thread purporting to contain the location of a new ghost in the game approximately 17 minutes after an update had gone live. Another now-deleted comment (but still visible thanks to Unreddit) by RezylAzzir in that thread had the following Latin phrase:

"Vegisima die mensis noni. ILLUD est venturus. Per Audacia ad astra."

Redditors worked together and came up with a translation of the Latin.

The twentieth day of the ninth month. IT is coming. Forward, to the stars.

The combination of RezylAzzir's name being based on a character in Destiny lore along with the rapid supposed discovery of a new ghost had led commentors on the subreddit to speculate that it was a Bungie employee hinting at something. September 20th is five days after the release date of Destiny: The Taken King. The date also falls on a Tuesday; Tuesdays have a long history of being the day when video games and other entertainment are typically released.

The rumors were addressed at the tail end of the "This Week In Destiny" news post by David "DeeJ" Dague for the previous week. The majority of the community post addressed bugfixes for the game, Elder Champions high scores, and a movie of the week.

David Dague stated that "RezylAzzir is not one of us" and that they could neither confirm the riddles or decipher them. He concluded by stating "nothing about Destiny is true" unless you read it on the Bungie's website or the official website for Destiny.

Bungie is not necessarily above putting Easter Eggs in their work; Community Manager Cozmo (who is solely handling Community Desk duties while DeeJ is out of town) had this to see about the "This Week in Destiny" post:


Are you looking forward to the next Destiny expansion? What do you think the Rezyl Azzir lore card is referring to? Is it a clue to something coming for the game or is it simply a red herring? Let us know in the comments below!


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