Bungie Confirms They Won't Have Major DLC For Destiny's Taken King

Published: December 8, 2015 4:11 PM /


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The Taken King, Destiny's most recent DLC, released in September before all of the major fall releases of 2015 and yet millions of hours continue to be played. Competing with Fallout 4, Halo 5, and Tomb Raider is no small feat, and Destiny's recent changes to how it runs - especially in regards to microtransactions and DLC, are probably a big part of that. Bungie has confirmed, however, that they won't have any major DLC for The Taken King and will instead focus on events and small releases that will be free to owners of Destiny

In an interview with Eurogamer, senior designer Derek Carroll discussed the changes they were making to Destiny's release plans for Year Two, primarily in the form of a lack of DLC. In the interview, Derek had this to say about their plans for Year Two:

With Taken King we are moving to a more event-based model - things like Festival of the Lost and Sparrow racing, which is our winter event, and then smaller events such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris every weekend.

Rather than doing these giant, monolithic DLC packs, this way everybody who's an owner of Taken King can enjoy these things.

During the interview, he also made sure to note that micro transactions would continue to be purely cosmetic, saying "if you want your suit to match your Sparrow - that's what that's for." Continuing in the future, all items purchaseable from the Eververse will not have Light stats or anything that would push a character further in progression, preventing any form of "pay to win" from coming to pass within the game.

So it would seem that the new plan is to release new, smaller content in the form of Events and smaller releases throughout the year, in place of traditional DLC - although Derek mentioned that Destiny's Live team is working on other new content, and that they are taking it one step at a time, putting Destiny currently in a bit of a transition phase as they move away from the multiple expansions a year approach to some new, undefined set up for content releases beyond events and small add-ons. For those that didn't want to keep buying DLC, this may be a welcome change, and for others it may not - we'll just have to see what comes after the newest release - Sparrow Racing!


What do you think of these new changes to the game? Have you tried out the new Sparrow Racing?

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