Brawl in the Family Ends After Over 6 Years of Comics

Published: October 3, 2014 8:00 AM /



Tonight Super Smash Bros for 3DS launched in the west; and to celebrate and remember all of the comics that he has made, Brawl in the Family creator Matthew Taranto has dedicated his final comic to all of the individuals that have enjoyed his work over the years. Culminating the end of Brawl in the Family's (abbreviated BitF, from here on out!) last real story arc, Taranto retires the comic with "One Final Song" - punctuated, appropriately, with one of his famous musical comics.

Fans of Taranto's work have enjoyed his light, family-friendly take on how the various characters of the Smash Bros universe act as a group - with both humorous and heartwarming comics throughout the years, that spans an entire world of Nintendo and Smash Bros history. His signature banter between the various "brawlers" has been the inspiration for many aspiring webcomic artists, and to this day his friendly and outgoing attitude has been a great example of the creativity and genuine kindness that the gaming community can represent ever since he took up his pencil.

It's understandable that with everything going on lately, that it may seem hard to remember that beyond the current controversy surrounding both the gaming community and the the industry as a whole, that there really is a community underneath it all that truly only wants to show appreciation for video games - but BitF's ending serves as a wonderful reminder of why regardless of the current events; the gamer identity is still very much a real thing.

Hopefully Taranto's final comic can help remind everyone exactly what makes video games enjoyable - preferably even before #GamerGate comes to a concise close. Separated from it all - his work will surely be missed by the community that has grown around it in the many years that it has been actively updated.

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