Book of Demons Gameplay Prototype Added To Collector's Content DLC

Published: May 14, 2019 1:15 PM /


Book of Demons SPage

In their latest update on Steam, developer Thing Trunk announced they are adding a prototype for Book of Demons (Our Coverage) to the Book of Demons Collector's Content DLC, which is now available on Steam 50% off until May 20. The developers talked about how game designers don't usually share their early working concepts of games, which they call prototypes, but when they do, it's very interesting to see how the game changed from its earliest seeds of mechanics to its full sprouting gameplay. And that's why they decided to share their earliest prototype with collectors, so they see how the game went from tentative ideas to a rounded and polish full game.

The Thing Trunk developers also mention that sometimes the first prototypes aren't even computer games, but rather tabletop games or paper-based designs, which you can also see in one of our best features of 2018, on how 11bit Studios created Frostpunk. Prototypes are often rough and faulty by design, which forces developers to root out whatever doesn't work or isn't fun, bit by bit.

You can see the first prototype of Book of Demons's gameplay in the Steam update, which includes some cool gifs of the prototype in action. If you're looking to try it out yourself, do note that only Warrior cards carry the prototype, whereas both other classes are present and playable, except without cards. The developers say the Warrior class was all they needed to prove the concept. They also note that there will likely be bugs, some of them which you can exploit, which adds another dimension of fun to this added feature. And the boss fight at the end of the game will crash the game, which they believe is metaphorical, as it conveys the futility of the eternal battle between light versus darkness.

If you already own the Collector's Content DLC, you just need to follow the instructions in the Steam update. If you don't already own the DLC and you're interested in trying it out, you can pick it up with that 50% discount on Steam. The update also includes some links to articles the developers wrote about the game and its development, which are pretty cool to check out if you're an aspiring or budding indie game developer. For more information, you can join Thing Trunk's Discord channel to talk to other fans and the developers themselves.

What do you think of developers sharing prototypes, even if you can't beat the game with it? Does it add more dimension to the game's mechanics? Let us know in the comments below!


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