BONEWORKS Update Released, Includes New Guns and Physics Improvements

Published: April 10, 2020 12:48 PM /


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BONEWORKS has recently received its 1.4 [REDACTED] update, which includes lots of improvements and new toys for players to play with.

This new patch includes physics improvements, which means that stability has been improved without making the player stronger. Specifically "attention was given to wrist torque implementing a system that simulates stabilizing muscle groups providing tighter handling of items and more satisfying punching/melee.

Three new sandbox scenes were added. Test Chamber 04 or [REDACTED] which was originally shown in videos from early in BONEWORKS' development, HandgunBox, which was used to showcase handgun balancing, and Tuscany, which "pays tribute to the very first Oculus DK1 VR environment.

There's also a handgun time trial, which is hidden inside of the HandgunBox Sandbox environment. The course will take players through a close-quarters training warehouse that has omnimen waiting for players at every corner. Players will choose a loadout and try to achieve the best time possible. One thing that should be remembered is that the clock doesn't slow down in slo-mo, so don't rely on that if you want to cheese your way to victory.

The p350 Handgun was added, which "sits right in the middle with a balanced ammo capacity and damage output" compared to the edder handgun and the 1911.

Three new songs have been added, which include "Little Tuscany", "Creeping", and "Tactical Trial". For those who want them to download, they will be made available in the OST soon, along with a higher quality version of the entire soundtrack.

Quick Take:

I've never been totally convinced by VR, but I've always been rooting for it. New tech is always interesting, and seeing games like BONEWORKS innovate is really cool to see. Once World of Warcraft or a game like it is published on VR I could really see it exploding into a new fad where everyone has to get it. We'll see.

What do you think of this update? Do you have VR? If you do, do you have BONEWORKS? Let us know in the comments!

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