UploadVR E3 2019 - Stress Level Zero Shows Off VR Sandbox Boneworks

Published: June 10, 2019 1:41 PM /


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Stress Level Zero came to UploadVR's E3 2019 showcase with some new footage of their VR physics sandbox Boneworks. The new trailer showed off some advanced physics interactions as well as some of the movement systems. Long rumored to be developed in partnership with Valve, the highly anticipated VR toolset unfortunately still had no release date appended to the trailer. Still, you can check out Boneworks on the VR headset of your choice, when it releases on Steam hopefully sometime soon.

In Boneworks, you are tasked with investigating Monogon Industries' mysterious facility. Governed by their proprietary AI system, the Myth OS, players will have to fight off unusual robots, hostile security systems, and other measures designed to deter curious intruders. Of course, you're not here to sightsee, there's obviously something much more nefarious at work in Monogon's depths. Along the way, you'll have plenty of guns, melee weapons, and other physics-based ingenuity at your disposal to navigate through the levels.

Stress Level Zero are no strangers to the VR development space, either. The studio had one of the first VR multiplayer games to market in Hover Junkers, a VR game where players engage other flying ships in rudimentary shooting combat. Then, the studio returned with the vastly improved Duck Season, a horror-adventure game about the titular video game having much more lurking under the surface than it seemed. Still, these earlier efforts were largely self-contained and didn't involve the mechanical and motor precision that Boneworks looks like it's going to require. Indeed, the Steam page and early trailers advertise the full 3D motion, which looks to take you through space and involve some careful platforming. Hopefully, we hear more from Stress Level Zero about Boneworks soon.

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