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Compile Heart has announced details about their new title Black Rose Valkyrie in an exclusive with Japanese gaming publication Weekly Famitsu. This latest game is an all new RPG with a retro military theme and some intriguing elements. The exclusive content will be available in the February 18th issue of Weekly Famitsu which will be available February 4th in Japan but images of the article and a teaser trailer can be seen online.

The trailer now available on the teaser site for Black Rose Valkyrie doesn’t give away much. We do know however, that the game has been contributed to by Takumi Miyajima (scenario) and Kosuke Fujishima (character design). The game will be released on PS4 and is directed by Kento Kanno and directed by Norihisa Kochiwa.

This all new RPG from Compile Heart will feature a male military officer as the protagonist and five fighting heroines. There is also a mechanic in the game that one of the members of your party will become a traitor. Each playthrough of the game the traitor can change character.

Characters in the game have been revealed to include earnest protagonist Asahi Shiramine. His group of heroines is comprised of responsible Ai Yakumo, wealthy Runa Ichinomiya, tomboyish Amaru Franson, shy Kuu Franson and serious Yue Hiragi. Any of the girls can become a traitor amongst the group depending on the playthrough.

The traitor mechanic seems reminiscent of Atlus’ Lost Dimension. Site Hachima Kikou gives more details about the game explaining that players will have the chance to investigate for  signs of the traitor and that actions taken will have consequences later in the game. A day and night mechanic is also present in Black Rose Valkyrie, affecting event occurrences and enemy strength and spawn rates.

Event scenes in the game use Live 2D technology. Classic turn-based combat will also be present in the game.  Black Rose Valkyrie will be released in Japan sometime in 2016 however, there is no news about a western release yet.

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