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BioWare Releases Patch 5 for Inquisition, Party Storage in

March 3, 2015 12:50 PM

By: Robert Grosso


The latest update for Dragon Age: Inquisition has finally been released to the public.




Patch 5 (1.06) will be implementing some long requested improvements to Inquisition. Some of these improvements were touted last month, when BioWare detailed patch 5 and announced their beta test program, allowing fans to collaborate directly with BioWare on the patch itself.

The biggest update from the patch include a party storage chest, allowing players to horde all of their hard-earned loot in Skyloft. Another major change is the ability to change the font size of any subtitles, and increased the AI of rogue party companions so they don't enter full on melee combat.



For PC users, a specific addition is the ability to toggle mouse look. However, BioWare has stated that the mouse look toggle is still in development, and subsequent releases will steadily improve the mouse look for players. They do warn that mouse look "will not act optimally under all conditions." The rest of the patch notes can be read here.

Other implementations for Inquisition that have already been announced, including auto-attack and new crafting options, are not included in patch 5, despite being advertised as part of the patch itself and part of beta program. However, the success of the beta program has prompted BioWare to invite players into the feedback process for patch 6, which has already closed for signups at this time.



Another piece first announced with patch 5 was the return of the Black Emporium from Dragon Age II. Originally thought to be a part of the patch itself, Mike Laidlaw, the lead designer of the Dragon Age games, has tweeted that the Black Emporium is in fact separate from patch 5, but was tested alongside the patch.


It was intimated that the Black Emporium was included in the patch itself, when patch 5 was first announced.  For now though, we can only wait and see what BioWare has in store for Xenon the Antiquarian and his mirror of transformation.

What do you think of the latest updates? Leave your comments below.

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