Battle Splash Begins Steam Greenlight Campaign

Published: December 16, 2016 2:30 PM /


Battle Splash

A unique third person shooter has just launched its Steam Greenlight campaign called Battle Splash. The shooter takes inspiration from classic shooters such as Doom, Quake, and Team Fortress 2 and pairs the traditional gameplay with squirt gun and water balloon weapons for an interesting and nonviolent experience. Still in development, the indie project from Dranya Studio will be available for PC when ready. The first gameplay trailer has been revealed along with the Greenlight campaign. You can watch it below.

Battle Splash is a one man project, designed and programmed by creator Mai Nguyen Binh Hung in Hanoi, Vietnam. The project started out as a small multiplayer prototype and after four years of development has grown into the Greenlight ready game it is now. Whether playing solo, co-op or full-on versus multiplayer, the game offers a fast paced third person shooter experience.

Solo mode will pit players against AI adversaries or you can team up with friends for co-op play. Multiplayer versus battles can accommodate up to 32 players in large areas using either LAN or online servers. The game will include modding tools and Steam Workshop support so that customized water fights can be created by the community.

Battle Splash
Run through a snowy winter planet in one of Battle Splash's environments.

Four different female characters are currently in the game for players to choose between. Details about one character divulge that she has the ability to revive teammates. There are also a variety of weapons to select with the addition of special items unique to each character.  Weapons create large and unpredictable splash effects that will keep shooters on their toes. The combination of characters and weapons will allow players to create their own Battle Splash playstyle.

A work in progress, this indie third-person shooter for PC may look a bit rough around the edges but shows promise. Battle Splash has recently launched a Greenlight campaign on Steam. You can vote for the game here.

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