Armoured Vehicle Being Given Away as Crowdfunding Reward for Escalation 1985

Published: February 20, 2019 2:15 PM /



Icebreaker Interactive, the developer of upcoming crowdfunded war game Escalation 1985, are going to be giving away a demilitarised cold-war vehicle for the top reward tier of their crowdfunding campaign. The vehicle in question is a BRDM-2 armored vehicle which will be completely restored to its original condition, albeit without its weaponry. To be the lucky (or crazy) individual who gets to become the owner of said vehicle you'll need to sink $35,000 into the crowdfunding campaign, but will thankfully include a whole slew of in-game goodies as well as the de-clawed deadly weapon.

The other tiers in the campaign are much more like the sort of thing you'd expect to find in a standard crowdfunding campaign. Each tier comes with at least a copy of the game at release and a name for each backer in the credits, with higher tiers included buckets of in-game skins and loot and even some physical rewards such as mugs, t-shirts, and mouse mats. The backer amounts range from $39 dollars all the way up to the aforementioned $35,000 for the tier which includes its own personal battlewagon.

Escalation 1985 is going to be a combined realistic-FPS and tank simulator, which is planned to feature a huge multiplayer campaign spread across many countries with thousands of active players. Though beyond some screenshots and a short gameplay teaser there isn't much information on how the game will actually play, although the game does seem to be aiming at a very high level of realism using real-world cold war era weaponry and equipment as reference material.

If you want to see what the vehicle looks like in action, Icebreaker released a video showing off the BRDM-2

What do you think about this funding reward? Would you be willing to sink this much money into a game to get a war machine if you had it? Let us know what you think about it in the comments down below. 

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