Antstream Arcade Xbox Edition Announced, 1300+ Retro Titles Coming This Month

Published: July 14, 2023 3:05 AM /


The landing page for The Secret of Monkey Island on Antstream Arcade

Retro games and affordable access to them have been a point of contention in the video game world, not just for collectors trying to preserve history but for those who grew up in arcades playing Joust and Pac-Man who want to relive these classic titles. Today the Antstream Arcade Xbox edition was announced, their native app will be released later this month.

Antstream Arcade has a wide collection of games across platforms such as Arcade, Amiga, Commodore 64, Spectrum, Atari platforms, and even a few PlayStation 1 titles such as 40 Winks. In cases where a game might have multiple releases - such as Cauldron II - you can also swap between the Spectrum and Commodore 64 editions.

These retro games are streamed to your console without the need to download or install the games individually. Additional quality-of-life features that are supported across the platform are cloud saves, an online leaderboard, resume play across devices, and tournaments to have you engage in the community and try out new games.

A screenshot of Antstream Arcade Tournaments Being Offered
Some of the Tournaments actively going on or have recently ended

Antstream Arcade CEO, Steve Cottam, explains "Despite living in an age of incredible technology, I found it wasn’t easy enough to access the games I loved growing up." It was this nostalgic drive that led him to create this platform as well as to bring it to Xbox as the first Third-Party cloud gaming service to be available on the family of devices.

"We believe in the preservation and accessibility of all games, the great, the impossible and the forgotten or lesser known too" - Steve Cottam, CEO

Antstream Arcade will be available in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, and Vatican City, at $29.99 for an annual subscription, or $79.99 for a lifetime license. Anstream Arcade has explained that the lifetime license will include all future games and features.

More details as well as a release date will be announced later today on July 14th at 3 pm EST/8 pm BST at the first Antstream Connect, a new monthly YouTube spotlight series.

What is Antstream Arcade?

Antstream Arcade is a streaming platform that you might not have heard about with a library of 1447 (at the time of writing) retro games that you can stream to just about any device you might already own including computers, Android devices, Amazon Fire Sticks, and even your Samsung TV.


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