Amazon Breaks Out 3 Game Announcements Starring Breakaway

Published: October 1, 2016 5:56 PM /



At TwitchCon, Amazon Game Studios announced three games that will shape where they are going in this area. Much like their Lumberyard Engine, there is a focus on Twitch integration in these titles, aiming to make them great streaming experiences.

The biggest announcement was Breakaway, a game they describe as a "mythological sport brawler" as two teams of four battle. Warriors from myth and legend form the character roster, and they fight in mythological locations like Atlantis, Valhalla, Styx, or El Dorado. Each warrior has things they can build to protect their fortress or help attack the enemy. Each character has two buildables, and they can build each once per round. They persist between rounds letting you build a fortress. They do hope for it to be a competitive game, but their primary focus is creating a fun game to play and watch.


They introduced 7 characters at the event:

  • Spartacus - a Warrior melee fighter
  • Alona - a priestess who focuses on healing and is a ranged support character
  • Thorgrim - a Viking Warchief who is a melee tank focused on stopping enemy momentum
  • Anne Bonny - a Pirate shooter who focuses on DPS
  • Black Knight - a Melee Tank who pulls enemies in and hits them for lots of damage
  • Rawlins - a Western Marshall who uses dual 6 shooters who is more close ranged and very agile
  • Morgan Le Fay - the character from Arthurian Legend is a ranged support character focused on buffing others
It is a gameplay based game with brief spurts of quick action and then short breaks. They are working on a betting platform for it called Stream+ which will let you accrue points and earn items, and they will also use it with polls. Also, a big focus is on having interaction between broadcasters and their community, able to invite them easily to matches and more.

Breakaway had a trailer shown off, and they also showed a match of play, which you can watch here. Registration for their alpha is currently open if you want and you can learn more on their site, and the whole event has some more details I didn't get into here.


Crucible was another game announced, and it is a third-person shooter where 12 players fight to be the last man standing on a hostile alien world. Apparently the hostile world will also require players to work together, and much like in survival games, alliances are not formal teams but instead something brought together on the go. There is a special 13th player, who can broadcast it and impact the game in ways, like a game master might be able to. Viewers will also be able to mess around with the game and impact it.

New World is an open world, massively multiplayer sandbox game set in 17th-century colonial America, albeit one where the supernatural is real. All myths in the world around this area are true is their idea, and players build their houses and locations with the developers saying you can "carve your destiny." What this appears to mean is that its a wide open world, although details are scarce.

Are you interested in any of Amazon's games? What do you think of Twitch integration features? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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