AlphaDraft Launches eSports App for Watching Tournaments and Tracking Stats

Published: July 4, 2015 8:00 AM /


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AlphaDraft was one of the first to get into fantasy eSports has announced a new app where you will be able track stats of various games and players, while having access to multiple streams. The app will also feature daily challenges and contests where players will be able to earn cash and real world prizes. It is currently available for iOS with the Android version currently in development.

Currently, AlphaDraft supports League of Legends, SMITE, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone.

For those unfamiliar with AlphaDraft, it is a service where players can draft new teams on a daily basis to play against their freinds and others without having to create and manage your own fantasy league. It offers both free and paid contests.

There are four types of contents. The first, called Tournament, works as you would imagine with first place winning the largest amount, a smaller amount to second, and so on. There is something called 50/50 where half of the players win something and half don't. Boosters are where a multiplier will be applied to the winners entry; for example, you may put in $10 and if the multiplier is 10 you would get $100 if you won. Finally, there is Winner Take All, which is self-explanatory—one winner walks away with it all.

For an example, we'll look at Dota 2. You start out with a salary of $50,000 and get to choose six players and a team from the given match in that contest. Five of the six players must come from assigned positions with the six as the second of the 1-5 positions. Each member is assigned a salary which will deduct from yours, which you can't go over.

From players you get 3 points for hero kills, -1 for deaths, +2 for assists, and .01 points for last hits. From the team, you get 1 point per destroyed enemy tower, 1 per barracks, 2 for a courier kill, and 3 for every Roshan kill.

That's basically how it works and each game is obviously going to vary quite dramatically in how setting up teams and scoring will work. Now you can participate in all of that, while watching the game you have a contest in, from the app on your phone.

Will you be looking into the AlphaDraft app? Are you an AlphaDraft player already and are you excited for the app?

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