Aliens: Dark Descent's New Game Plus Update Lets You Relive The Horrors Of Lethe

Dare you brave Planet Lethe once more? Aliens: Dark Descent's new update hopes you will.

Published: October 26, 2023 10:03 AM /


A squad of marines stalking through a xenomorph hive in Aliens: Dark Descent key art

Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive have released a brand new update for Aliens: Dark Descent, and this one should give you a good reason to revisit Planet Lethe.

Previous updates for the game have brought features like disabling the death clock, but this one's all about New Game Plus.

Marines exploring a facility in Aliens: Dark Descent
Prepare to revisit the horrors of Lethe in Aliens: Dark Descent's New Game Plus mode.

Once you've finished a campaign in Aliens: Dark Descent, you'll now have the option to jump into a new one by selecting your completed save.

New Game Plus raises the level cap for your marines to 15 and conserves their customization parameters, traits, and attributes, but resets trauma and negative status effects.

All weapons, upgrades, and Xenotech will have to be unlocked anew, giving New Game Plus the feeling of a fresh campaign.

Marines attempting to break down a door in Aliens: Dark Descent
You'll get to keep your marines in Aliens: Dark Descent's New Game Plus, sans trauma and negative status effects.

Two additional modifiers have also been added to Aliens: Dark Descent in this new update, and neither of them require New Game Plus to be activated.

The first, Perfect Organism, adds an option to increase the damage done by xenomorphs in the game's campaign, so if you feel like they're not hitting hard enough, you should activate this one.

We're Too Late, meanwhile, raises the starting Infestation level, making it ideal for a layer of extra challenge.

Both modifiers can be activated in New Game Plus if you want, although you can also incorporate them into a completely fresh playthrough if you prefer.

Lots of other smaller changes have also been made in this update, including big bug fixes, tweaks to optimization, and more. Be sure to take a look at the Aliens: Dark Descent patch notes to get the full score.

Aliens: Dark Descent is available right now for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

It's a real-time tactical strategy game in which you must prevent xenomorphs from overtaking the planet Lethe, all while uncovering a brand new threat that's entirely new to the Alien franchise.

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