AirportSim Release Date Announced & The Trailer is Pretty Wacky

Published: September 17, 2023 3:25 PM /


AirportSim Racing a Boeing 737

While most people who approach the simulation of the aviation industry may enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator, AirportSim shows you the other side of that world.

While flight simulator let you play the captain or first officer (more often than not both) of an aircraft, AirportSim puts you in the boots and reflective vest of a ground handler.

While the job may not be as glamorous, it's certainly interesting.

AirportSim Towing a Boeing 737

Now the game has a release date. It's coming to PC via Steam on October 19.

We know that it's also coming to Xbox Series X|S at some point, but no announcement has been made for now about the Xbox release date, which as far as we know, is still slated for 2023, 

AirportSim lets load and unload aircraft, tow them into position, shuttle passengers, drive the follow-me car, and much more.

It's certainly an interesting look into all the work that goes into getting a flight in the air (and back in the air after it lands since fast turnarounds are the name of the game in modern passenger aviation).

Interestingly, MK Studios is working with some of the developers who produce quality add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which means that we can expect quality assets.

While you wait for the release date, you can check out the demo on Steam and the trailer below.

The trailer itself is certainly rather wacky, showing how you absolutely shouldn't do the job. 

You can also check out more gameplay in a previous trailer, and listen to the developers talk about the game directly.


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