Adventure Pouch: Oversky, Faeria's first expansion, releases today

Published: August 7, 2017 8:00 AM /


Faeria Oversky Coop

Among the countless digital card games around, Faeria is among the ones that manage to distinguish itself, creating its own identity. It's been 5 months since the official release of this weird mix between a card game and a turn-based strategy game and it managed to gather quite the appreciation among the fans of both those genres. Not too long after that, they announced their plans for an expansion, and mow, almost half a year after the original release, Abrakam Studios has officially released the first expansion for FaeriaAdventure Pouch: Oversky.

Oversky makes a number of additions to the base game. Of course, it would not be a card game expansion without some new cards. The expansion adds 33 new cards to Faeria's roster, some with new mechanics (like "Wild" land requirements and the "Swallow" ability). The cards, though, can be unlocked only in the brand new co-op campaign that will see players roam the Oversky, Faeria's new region, battling bosses with the help of a friend or an AI ally. The content of this campaign is divided into islands containing a number of missions each. The first island and its mission will be available for free to all the players with the release of the expansion and the other ones will be made available weekly.

Players will also be able to purchase their own Adventure Pouch. This is a special item that will gather points as you complete objectives. The more points you earn, the greater rewards you'll be able to claim. There are three Adventure Pouch packages available, each can be purchased with gems in the in-game store. The first package just gives access to all the isles as soon as they get released (instead of having to buy each one of them), the pioneer pouch will give access to all the isles and the adventure pouch special item and the supporter pouch will give access to all the content in the pioneer pouch plus a bunch of cool cosmetic stuff on top of that.

Adventure Pouch purchasers will also have access to a daily co-op challenge in which they'll have to fight Emperor Kaios himself. This is a co-op fight that must be completed with a friend as there is no AI  companion available in this mode.

The Adventure Pouch: Oversky is available now on Steam.


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